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Birch Cabinet Door Styles

Description of Wood Species: Birch

Birch is an even-textured, fine-grained wood with a curly or wavy pattern. All wood species are unique in appearance and each piece is slightly different from the others. This gives every kitchen unique character and should be enjoyed and appreciated as such.

  • strong and heavy with a high resistance to abrasion
  • smooth, dense surface texture
  • paints, stains, and polishes apply with perfection
  • tight wood grain appearance

All designs are made to order and are available in 2 week shipping.

The photographs below are intended to be used as a guide for your cabinet selection. Actual colors may vary slightly from those shown. We strongly recommend ordering a sample door to better examine the style, species and color of your choice.

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Sinclair Square Birch - Fawn
Sinclair Square Birch - Autumn
Sinclair Square Birch - Saddle
Sinclair Square Birch - Sarsaparilla
  • 7/16" Overlay
  • Profiled Edge
  • Veneer flat center panel
  • Birch styles use maple accessories

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Saybrooke Square Miter Birch - Fawn
Saybrooke Square Miter Birch - Autumn
Saybrooke Square Miter Birch - Saddle
Saybrooke Square Birch
Saybrooke Square Birch
Saybrooke Square Birch
  • 7/16" Overlay
  • Raised veneer center panel
  • Mitered construction
  • Birch styles use maple accessories

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